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Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bryn Tawe



YEAR 11 INVITATION – Leaving Ceremony

We wish to invite you, year 11, to a virtual ceremony on TEAMS on Friday the 17th (this Friday!) to say our goodbyes.

Because of the unprecedented circumstances we have not been able to wish you well formally as you finish year 11 and embark on this next stage of your learning. We wish to do this before the end of the academic year, so please join us!

In order to join us you will need to log on to your HWB account, and access the TEAMS app. If you then click the calendar tool (found on the bar on the left-hand side of your screen) you will be able to join the ‘Blwyddyn 11 Bugeiliol’ meeting. We will begin at 2pm and will be finished within 45 minutes. Remember to log in 10 minutes early to give yourself time to get set up and to avoid missing anything due to technical hitches.

Whilst we are busy organising things on our end, I wish to ask you to follow the link to our flipgrid (, where you can leave a little message or memory that other pupils in the year group will be able to watch. Your message will need to be in Welsh and should be no longer than 2 minutes.

If anyone wishes to help me with preparations, please get in touch via email (  and I will assign you a role. Alternatively, if you wish to send me some pictures of your and your friends then I can collate these into a video for you to enjoy as part of the ceremony.

We so look forward to seeing you on Friday – spread the message so that as many of you as possible can be there!


Mrs Tootill-Evans


A reminder to year 10 parents that there will not be any school for your children tomorrow as we are providing a transition day for year 6 pupils. Can I take this opportunity to thank all our pupils for all their efforts and excellent attitude over the past 3 weeks – enjoy the summer break!

Information regarding re-opening in September will follow during this week.


See the letter here sent from Mr Nick Williams following the Minister for Education’s announcement last week.


Please see this letter outlining the final arrangements for reopening on Monday the 29/06/20.

ALL PARENTS will need to complete this Health and Safety agreement before your child can attend.

See details of the daily practical arrangements here.

See details of the outline timetable here


It has been decided that Swansea schools will be open for 3 weeks, rather than the 4 announced by the Education Minister at the beginning of this month. See this letter  from Mr Nick Williams, Swansea’s Director of Education explaining this change.

We will write to you tomorrow with further details of our arrangements.



As some parents didn’t manage to complete the questionnaire last week, we have re-opened the return to school questionnaire. Can all parents, that haven’t already completed the return to school questionnaire, do so by 12:00 on Tuesday 23/06/20. This will allow us to plan fully for our learning groups and allocate classrooms in time to re-open next week. We kindly ask parents to read the letter and the information on both links below before completing the return to school questionnaire:

See the letter with details on returning to school here.

See here for the daily practical arrangements on returning to school.

Having read both documents above, could ALL PARENTS, THAT HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE SO,  complete the  return to school questionnaire here  by 12:00 on Tuesday the 23/06/20.


As you know, we will continue to offer emergency childcare between the 29/06/20 and the end of term. There are some important changes you need to consider – please read this letter for full details of these changes before completing the questionnaire below.

Questionnaire for emergency childcare between the 29/06/20 – end of term.

Personal details form

Editable ‘word’ version of the personal details form



We will be changing the schoolwork timetable when we re-open on the 29/06/20. No work will be set this week as we prepare to return, but we ask pupils to make sure they complete the work that was set last week (15-19 / 06/20) by the first day you will be return to school.

If your child does not plan to return until September, we will still set work weekly. The new work will be set on the day your child’s year is attending school from the 29/06/20 until the end of term. We will support your child, in school or remotely, to arrange their time to complete the work.

Pupils are also welcome to complete any other tasks that they have not been able to complete before now, provided they are confident to do so.

We will set a task to encourage pupils to use their Welsh again this week, can you please ensure that your child attempts the task?