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Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bryn Tawe




A great deal of preparation is made beforehand to ensure a smooth a transition from our Primary partner schools. We are very aware that transition from Primary school can mean quite a dramatic change for many pupils, therefore, we are very keen to get to know our partner Primary school pupils well before they arrive at Bryn Tawe, so that they settle in as quickly as possible.

As part of our successful transition programme our primary school pupils will visit Bryn Tawe throughout Year 6 on varied activities related to learning and socialising with colleagues and pupils from all the primary schools. These involve animation, science and food technology lessons, an entrepreneurial competition, sport skills sessions and team building activities, “taster” lessons in a range of subjects and the transition residential course to Llangrannog. You will receive a timetable of all the activities and dates as part of our transition programme.

Due to current Covid restrictions, where Transition visits aren’t currently possible, we are reviewing the situation on a half termly basis so that visits can and will be arranged when it is safe.


Date Title
23/10/2020 Parent Meetings Nov. 2020



Visits to Bryn Tawe – October 23rd-27th 2023

During the week of October 23rd to 27th, pupils from our cluster schools will have the opportunity to visit Bryn Tawe on a morning of practical skills sessions. There is also an opportunity for parents to visit the school. Please see the letters below for more information:

Llythyr Gellionnen Letter 2023

Llythyr Lon Las Letter 2023

Llythyr Tirdeunaw Letter 2023

Llythyr Tan-y-Lan Letter 2023

Llythyr y Cwm Letter 2023


Visits to Bryn Tawe – November 14th-18th

During the week of November 14th – 18th, pupils from our cluster schools will have the opportunity to visit Bryn Tawe on a morning of practical skills sessions. There is also an opportunity for parents to visit the school. Please see the letters below for more information:

Gellionnen Letter 2022

Lon Las Letter 2022

Tan-y-Lan Letter2022

Tirdeunaw Letter 2022

Y Cwm Letter 2022

Llanmadoc Trip Report

Read to find out what happened on the trip to Llanmadoc:

Llanmadoc 2022 Report

Parents’ Pastoral Evening – Class 7B

For the attention of class 7B parents: unfortunately, Mr Jones will not be available at the pastoral evening tonight (26/09/22) and therefore you will not need to attend. Despite this, if you have any issue or question to raise with the Leader of Learning/Senior Team, you are most welcome to attend.

Cyhoeddiad Noson Fugeiliol – Dosbarth 7B

At sylw rhieni dosbarth 7B, yn anffodus ni fydd Mr Jones ar gael yn y noson fugeiliol heno (26/09/22) ac felly ni fydd angen i chi fynychu. Er hyn, os oes gennych unrhyw fater neu gwestiwn i’w codi gyda’r Arweinydd Dysgu/Uwch Dîm, croeso mawr i chi fynychu.

Transition Week Arrangements Letter

Please see the letter below for the arrangements for the Transition Week:

Transition Week Letter

Year 6 Parents’ Evening 14.10.21

Please see the letter below with arrangements for the Parents’ Evening. In order to be able to join, please log in to your child’s Hwb account and follow the instructions in the letter:

Parents’ Evening Letter 14.10.21


Please see the letter below with arrangements for the start of term in September:

Letter for Year 6 Parents 130721

Transition Day’s Arrangements

Year 6 Parents:

Please see the letter confirming some further information for transition as well as a visit for all year 6 pupils to Bryn Tawe on the 30/06/21. If you have queries or concerns, please contact us at school?

Transition Visit Letter 30.06.21

Click on this link for a flavour of the school in this video prepared by our excellent pupils! Tour of the school

Please use this link to join the ‘Transition Parents Evening’ on the 30/06/21 at 17:00: Click here to join the meeting


As you know, we are holding two transition parents’ evenings next week for year 6 parents:

  • Tuesday 10/11/20 at 18:00 for the parents of Gellionnen and Lon Las;
  • Wednesday 11/11/20 at 18:00 for the parents of Tan-Y-Lan, Tirdeunaw and Ysgol Y Cwm.

In order to be able to join the relevant meeting for you, please log in to your child’s Hwb account and follow the instructions on the correct information sheet below:

We look forward to meeting you, virtually, next week.


What time does my child need to arrive at school in the morning?

Your child needs to be outside their registration class, ready to start the registration period with their form teacher by 8.35 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, there will be a KS3 assembly for Years 7, 8 and 9 so pupils will go straight to the main hall by 8.35 rather than the registration room.

Due to Covid 19, it is possible that large assemblies may not be held in September, alternatively, assemblies / thought for the day will be held during registration periods.

How is the day structured?
Registration / Assembly (Wednesday)
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
1.30– 2.20
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

Again, due to the current situation regarding Coronavirus, the day may be structured differently, more details to follow.

What equipment will my child need?

Please ensure your child has a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, calculator, coloured pencils and contact book for every lesson.

What equipment will my child need each day?

Students will need the following equipment every day; pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener and a pencil case. This list of basic equipment will be displayed in the students’ planners as well as on their tutor room display board. Students are also required to bring in their PE kit on the days that they have PE. On some occasions, students may be asked to bring in other items, such as ingredients for practical Food Technology lessons, they will be notified about this in advance.

What uniform will my child be expected to wear?

Please see the school’s uniform policy

What if my child is bullied?

Bryn Tawe has a clear anti-bullying policy, the school will not tolerate bullying of any kind and each case will be dealt with swiftly, thoroughly and sensitively. Pupils must report any issue to a member of staff so that the problem can be dealt with promptly.

What about transport? How will I receive information about bus times and collection points?

The City and County of Swansea are responsible for school transport. They will contact you in August with travel arrangements for your child. If you have any further queries, please contact them directly.

What if my child has a problem? Who do they turn to for help?

There are many people available to help, should a pupil have a problem. Your child’s form tutor sees them daily, and is a regular point of contact, so they are in a good position to help. Pupils can ask any member of staff for help at any time, they can ask the Leader of Learning or a Year 10 mentor, should they lack the confidence to approach an adult. Pupils can go to the school office for practical help e.g. if they are lost, need to contact home, are unwell or need first aid.

Can my child take a mobile phone to school?

Pupils may bring a mobile phone to school. The school policy allows pupils to use their phones during break and lunchtime only (but not during or between lessons). Pupils can play games or music on their phones (with headphones) and send text messages. Pupils are not permitted to make calls (without a staff member’s permission), use social media sites or take photos or videos on school premises. Pupils who fail to comply with the policy may lose the use of a phone for a period of time and if the problem persists, they may lose the privilege of bringing a phone to school altogether for a period of time, or even permanently.

What are the lunch time arrangements at Bryn Tawe?

Pupils can choose to have lunch in the school canteen or bring their own packed lunch if preferred. Pupils will receive a permission slip for parents to fill in to have their thumb print scanned to pay for lunch. Alternatively, pupils can use a pin number instead of a thumb print.

You can pay money into your child’s account by using ‘Squid’ or by sending a cheque to the school office. If you prefer, your child can load cash straight onto their account by using the machines we have in school. If your child is entitled to free school meals, money will be loaded automatically onto their account.

There are a wide variety of meals on offer in the canteen, pupils choose their meal and pay for each item individually. There is a ‘meal of the Day’ option available daily, this is a more economical option when choosing a meal. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, please contact the school if your child has any specific dietary requirements.
How much homework will my child receive?

Pupils receive one piece of homework a week in the core subjects (Welsh, English, Mathematics and Science) and one piece a fortnight in the other subjects. Homework will be placed on the ‘Satchel One’ app. Both parents and pupils can log in to the app and receive notifications when homework is set. Homework set will be in both Welsh and English.